En Route to Korea

We are now 8 hours into our flight to Seoul, South Korea. It’s 8:00 pm back home and 10:00 am in Seoul.

So far things have been going well. In some ways, it still seems surreal that we’ll be in Thailand in just a few hours, and in some ways, it feels more real than ever.

We flew over Alaska several hours ago. There were about four of us staring out the window at the snow covered mountains. They were so beautiful! It was amazing how much detail we could see from 30,000 feet above – rivers, valleys, lakes, rock formations. It was almost like a painting.

My favorite part so far (aside from the mountains of Alaska) was one of the meals. Korean Air served bibimbap! That’s a rice and vegetable dish seasoned with a spicy red paste and sesame oil. It was really good. I even ate most of the bamboo shoots. There was also a seaweed soup for a side. That wasn’t so tasty. The broth just tasted salty and the seaweed was an odd texture. Think rubbery. Basically:meh.

Anyways, we’re all super excited to be on our way! Keep us in your prayers!



Jesse didn’t want to take his eyes off his game. Too bad. His picture is getting uploaded anyway.


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